ColorChallenge - Green Thursday - @itchyfeetdonica in 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge!

Hello everyone,

Let me introduce you to a great Steemian and contributor to my daily 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge, an amazing photographer @itchyfeetdonica. Let's give her some recognition and a shout out. In combination with the color challenge, it is a great place to highlight her photo skills and give her hard work some extended publicity and appreciation.

For today's color challenge I picked her entry below:

I took a couple of trains from Moscow all the way to China, and one of my stop-overs was the capital of Mongolia. From there I explored this amazing Terelj park, and spent one night in a typical ger camp in the valley. Here you can visit the Buddhist temples, hike to the glacial lake and hot springs, ride horses, try rock climbing, watch the Eastern Buzzard and brown bears... I also learned cooking lamb from the host family, and watched locals wrestling.

Click on the image for a large view

To give @itchyfeetdonica a little support, I am upvoting her post: #96 Upcycled Newspaper Figures in Havana 创意十足的升级改造 | 环保征文~月旦评. Feel free to join me.

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The scenery is very beautiful and very beautiful, I really like the results of your photography, may you more successful my brother.

Heyy, that photo is really amazing that the landscape leaves you breathless!

woowwww biautiful view.... amazing

wow, this high mountain with a very beautiful color.
I really like the mountain, because the mountain is a very natural place.

You are great!

I'll personally call it; "GREEN PARADISE" - A peak of Heaven.

wishes to all life will be colourful...

Oh wow..
Great shots.really liked..
I lime natural beauty and your pictures are menifestation of natural beauty

Congratulations @itchyfeetdonica

  ·  last year (edited)

Wooo It´s AMAZING so beautiful!

Thank you everyone for your comments and support! I feel truly honored to be featured here. =)