Secrets to know about tomato cultivation

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Choose a sunny and airy place. Plant tomatoes in locations where they will benefit at least 10 hours of light per day.

Turn the tomato fields. Try to avoid growing tomatoes of the same soil as last year. In this way you reduce the risk of bruising.

Avoid snakes too big.

Plant the seedlings deep. At planting, insert the seedlings into the ground until close to the first two leaves.

Dabble from abundance, from time to time. Once a week or once every five days, in the middle of the summer, they pour plenty of tomatoes.

Remove greedy cuttings that do not have flowers and fruits.

Choose a plant tutoring formula. If you use poles, plant them right after transplanting the seedlings.

Three days after planting the seedlings, plant a new batch. Thus, you will have a gradual harvest.

Collect tomatoes when they reach optimal size and are well colored

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nice vegetable and fruit

You make all of this sound easy. How I would love to grow my own food. Thank you for sharing this educational post.

your post is very good I like your post.