🔮ColorChallenge - SundayPurple. Parade of freaks in Goa India🔮steemCreated with Sketch.

This click was taken by me this year at the annual Freaks Parade, taking place in February in the village of Arambol, Goa, India

There is a purple here too!

And here, too, there is

And here

And here

Quite a bit here

It was very cool! I have a lot of pictures from this carnival, but only these violet ones ..

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Really cool shot, frankly. I like it very much.

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Thank you

Wow..that is awesome pics...
I really like this freak parade...
And congratz my dear friend @creadordelfuturo
Bcz...your previeos post is..most popular post in 'colorchallege' tag...
Thank you so much sharing cool pics with us..
Keep it up post..
Wel done..

Отлично 👍! Удачи в развитии!

wow its the best color challenge and i think u enjoy more it and now share with us its more exiting and very fun there @creadordelfuturo sir

Wow , really very nice post , i like the first picture ,The colors mix are impressive

I like the last one a lot too hahah :) that was awesome too
really cool pics from Goa

Отлично отдыхаете !

awesome clicks :)

Great photos @creadordelfuturo!!!
You did surprise me with the selection a bit...
And, I'm happy for you to know that your post from yesterday won!!!
Awesome :))

Ah ha.. 😊 You live in Goa.. I think there is really nice Beach.. So, Looks like you enjoyed the Sunday.. really nice.. 😍😍
Upvoted and resteemed..

lol'd at the first guy :D

Wow !! Well 😊!

very beautifull place



Congratulations dear @creadordelfuturo! This is a great achievement! Today's post on the topic ColorChallenge - SundayPurple is also very creative! Excellent shots!


Thank you!😗

Excellent funny photos!
Have a nice day! ;)


Thank you! Good Sunday! Come in the evening. There will be a new report.

i loved this Parade of freaks looks really interesting

The guy in the dress does look freaky!

Interesting looking outfits!

The 1st picture freakier than the rest


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Exactly that photograph of "fuck this shit" would be the best one for the purple color challenge. when i see it yesterday i was thinking about to tell you and it happens.
by the way it is not freak parade its kind of purple parade,hahaha.

so colorful to watch superb post :)

nice it is very interested purple on sunday in goa


Stay with us! In the evening there will be a new report.🤗

you topped the chart on color challenge awesome 😁



like this photos, interesting people there.



Stunning photos with gorgeous people there,upvoted!



I usually dont like purple, but this is an exception.

So many different vibrant colours. Absolutely beautiful haha
I think I'd fit in pretty well since I'm a bit of a freak
Congratulations on getting number 1 for the colour challenge @creadordelfuturo

Haha that's awesome! A freak parade, never heard of that

a freak parade? Never heard of it. must be funny to experience that event in your life :)

awesome pics

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Really cool pictures 😊 lots of purple


Thank you! Stay with us!🤗


My pleasure 😊 I will stay put..lol
Have a great day 🤗

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Awesome! Enjoy the freak parade :D



Awesom view! People having funs


Hello! Stay with us!🤗😘😗😙