#colorchallenge YELLOW WEDNESDAY

Some of yellow aura attributes include the following:

An actively intelligent person who likes to share wisdom with others will have a yellow aura.
People with recurrent yellow auras are usually more optimistic and easygoing.
Creative people tend to have yellow auras.
Those with YELLOW ARURAS spread optimism and hope and easily brighten the lives of other people.
Here are 2 pictures of my kids and I checking out the melting ice. I added a YELLOW ARURA. Let me know what you think?unnamed.jpgvsco-photo-2.jpg


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Wow.. Nice picture and lovely kids you've got.
If yellow is my favorite color, could it mean I posses all these qualities of yellow aura.

I believe it could cos I see them in me.


@udembahenry go get some Marma therapy and you will be a true believer in Energy and the way the body can heal using energy. We are all connected by energy!


Wow. Thanks for that. I'll check it out.


Hello who ever you are with the glasses!

Wow. Beautiful landscape
Where is this?
So nice you get to spend time with your kids


We are on the east coast


Ok. Greetings all the way from Africa.

Hello @corpdetoxbliss
I really love your perspective of what the yellow aura represents and would love to add a little bit from my understanding.
Personally, I see the yellow aura as the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence and action shared, creative, playful, optimistic, easy-going.
Everyone who exhibit the yellow aura is said to be positive.
Nice pictures though

Wow, nice kids, and your photos look professional, are you a professional?

You have beautiful kids!!! How can one sense or see the aura colours??

never knew about this before now?
what other colours exist?

This is a beautiful sight to behold... Lovely photograph you've got her