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in colorchallenge •  2 years ago  (edited)


“What if grass is greener on the other side,
Because it’s always raining there,
Where the ones who never fail to give,
Hardly have enough to spare,
Where the people with the broadest smiles,
Have pillows filled with tears,
And the bravest ones you’ve ever known,
Are crippled by their fears,
It’s filled with lonely people,
But they’re never seen alone,
Where those that lack real shelter,
Make you feel the most at home,
Maybe their grass looks greener,
Because they’ve painted on its hue,
Just remember from the other side,
Your grass looks greener too.”

Erin Hanson

This picture was taken with my nikon D2700 and kit lens, for editing I used Superimpose, colorstory and photoshop.

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Very cool :)

Enjoyed reading your post ! Love the image aswell ...