Wednesday Colorchallenge "YELLOW"

in colorchallenge •  last year

So i was confused what to upload today , something in yellow and beautiful and attractive and and CUTE .

Then his picture popped up in my mind .

Meet Abhinav Singh Anderson my so cute liitle nephew.He is so charming and Handsome i called him Mighty Singh,
His smile always make me smile ....

I am sharing his some pictures with you guys ( wearing yellow)abhi1.jpg
look at that cute face


no more pictures please


i told you no more please


ohkk if you not going to stop then let me try funny faces


let me try a POUT


that is what you get whwn you don't stop


so i will post more about him but first let me know whether you like my MIGHTY SINGH if so then please hit upvote, leave a comment and follow me...

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I like his "Rishi Knot". Cool fella!!


Thank you @mathworksheets and yes he loves his Rishi knot as well.

He is really so cute@cookgraphy


Thank you @gautam 😊😊

Awesome post! Super cute kid, mind having a look at mine?


Aww Thank you @longfield98 and sure :)

Very funny pictures. :D


Thank you @orionvk and yes is quite a funny guy and brainy too.

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