How to make a good #colorchallenge post?

Dear Steemies, i would like to share my thoughts about colorchallenge.
Many steemians love it, because it helps them to get some inspiration, what to post. But some steemians hate it, because their feed is always full of bad quality flower photos. I do not mean to say not to post flowers for colorchallenge, but i think you have more fantasy.

So, what are the things that can even be colorful? Let's see some examples!

  • Fashion, style - clothes and accessories, like bags, sunglasses, jewelry, makeup, scarf, etc.

  • Vehicles - cars, buses, trucks, oldtimers, ships, aeroplanes, etc.

  • Objects - household devices, furniture, design, etc.

  • Nature and natural phenomena

  • Architecture, cityscape, street

  • Colored lights - fireworks, fountain, light effects on a concert, colored interior lighting

  • Abstract - that can be digital art as well!

All images are illustrations from Pixabay.

Your image needs to have ONE dominant color from the seven: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo, purple.
You can highlight the color with colorsplash on black and white background - this is always very effective!

1-Nagydorog2009okt10 015a-001.jpg

I hope these infos were very useful!

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great thoughts dear i ll follow your guideline must your post is so much helpful actually many people prefers flowers because flowers have almost every color of nature so people mostly think about them but your ideas are very good every one should read carefully and should follow it.
Many thanks for sharing

I thinks this a short guideline how to make colorchallenge. Now, I'm not focus in colorchallenge, but somedays I will use your tips.. thanks for sharing

I think you are making a lot of improvements to your challenges, which aim to raise the bar a bit.

Even though flowers are a beautiful subject, I couldn't agree more. It would be nice to see some renewed creativity instead of the standard flower photography. Thank you for sharing!

Uhm helo these are amazing photos :)

This post is filled with a gem of good ideas...

Amazing photography

Thanks for your information..its very useful

Thank you for your informations... :)

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I really like your post, I am an artist, you have shared the perfect artwork so helpfull thanks.for.sharing..

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Nice information then. I can have more variety of choices when it comes to #colorchallenge. Thanks @colorchallenge😉

Thanks for your information @colorchallenge

Thank you for the best idea that you given to all of us.

Thanks for the tip! 😊 I like your suggestion!

Great tips @colorchallenge 👌😊

great idea. Tnx

thanks for your help :D hope you like my post