Color Challenge: Blue Friday


This is, by far, the prettiest little corner of Tahoe that I've seen. It's called Secret Cove and it's not super accessible (my parents weren't able to do the steep hike down to the cove) but it's definitely worth it if you find yourself along the eastern side of the lake!

Just a warning, though (if you consider this to be a warning): It's also a nude beach and tends to attract a....younger....fitter crowd than I typically see in nude spots around CA.


Nice picture. The water looks awesome!

That water is beckoning me! It's crystal clear yet blue…or maybe green. I love it! I've never been to a nude beach; is it awkward?

I haven't found them to be awkward, but it's whatever you're comfortable with. I have, however, found that I don't love to get sand absolutely everywhere, so I typically keep bikini bottoms on 👙

Ha me too. Except when i get in the water! What a beautiful.shot... so blue! Followed xx love your feed!

So awesome, thank you for this post. Are you guys nudists? Or ya ever try that stuff? Man, the picture and then the thoughts of a nude beach just makes my mind get all fired up! LOL good job living life, good inspiration, keep it up.

I'm not a nudist but I've been to a few nude spots (beaches and one resort - where I wasn't nude) and it's always an entertaining time. Rarely sexy, but always entertaining!

Haha, well put. "Rarely sexy, but always entertaining"... Well, its a good way to get vitamin D too :) hopefully I make it to that spot soon enough, thanks for sharing, really wanna jump in that lake there, looks so beautiful.

Dang! I'd love to make it out there in the future. And since I'm in passable shape these days.... I might just give topless sunbathing a go. JK i'm way too shy.