Color Challenge, Wednesday - Yellow: Roses


These yellow roses with their, sunny and cheerful faces brightened up this garden. I could not resist while the car got filled with petrol at the Mountain View petrol station to quickly climb out and take a few shots of this beautiful garden.


I absolutely adore roses, their shape, the fragrance and the many different colors and varieties make them one of my favorite gifts for both receiving and giving.


Yellow represents warmth and giving someone a yellow rose symbolizes the joy and warmth of true friendship.


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So nice to see this fresh colours!

Red rose is a symbol of love, every color symbolizes something.

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Nice flowers, it really does cheer me up.

I like flowers too, they are elegant and beautiful. By the way I like the quote of Evelyn Loeb. Thank you for sharing. Have a nice Wednesday:-)

Well, those are hands down gorgeous 😁 and let's not forget the nice writing along with the pics!

Nice yellow roses! Lovely!

Wonderful garden !! and beautiful roses

Beautiful flowers, was a professional dslr used?

Wow.... Que hermosas esas rosas. Te felicito, excelentes fotos.

Wawuuu, stunning photography. nature's photos are always the best

hermosas fotografias me gustaron mucho.

Those roses are really beautiful the yellow really makes it shine and feels really warm. You made lovely pictures thanks for sharing it with us –xxx-

Nice pictures! My wife adores roses and she’s not flowerminded.

yes indeed friendship is something sacred love the quote and love the words

Hi @cherryblossom-sa
Thank you for sharing
I liked this article and really deserved it Resteem This Post

Cherry blossom I really love the color explosion you have coming from these photos, you may love a shot i took not too long ago.

Its on my blog called the "One Man Against The World"

Gorgeous shot of a bee on a lavender

Roses are beautiful, and your photos as well, good luck :-)

In the great variety of roses, their colors and sizes, they keep a thousand-year-old mystery, a mystical sognificate, the roses in their various presentations delight and are a gesture that is passionate, following you.

I love flowers, thank you for sharing this beautiful shots.

roses is beautiful, and rose in red and yellow color is great.
photography is awesome

Wow nice flowers, Its been long I haven't seen yellow roses. It reminds me of something :D

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Nice photos. I read a book about the meaning of flowers and your post just reminds me about it :)

Yellow, The Most noticeable of all colors by the human eye. The Happiest Color. And Yellow Roses are the perfect way to toast friends. By the Way, hi Friends.

what a nice flower love it! keep it up :)

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Untill toay, i never know the importance nor meaning of a yellow rose. Thanks for writing this article.

Roses are very elegant flowers and these yellow ones are exquisites!

Nice flower, wish I could have it and i'll give it to my the girl of my heart

Beautiful roses. Yours pictures smell very good ;-) Thanks

Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air.

God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.

Beautiful images. Thank you for sharing these here.

One time I found a yellow rose petal under a bush. It had an interesting pattern on it. The velvety texture of the fresh rose petal was still there. I walked about half a mile back home with it cupped in my hand. Decided to place it inside a book so it wouldn't shrivel up completely. I became so attached to it I had to let it go. Here's a very low resolution from 2013.


Photography is awesome. :)

Colors make life beautiful and color+flowers make life stronger and motivated to move forward. I looks like and happens with me.

This is a very beautiful flower.
And yellow colour is i like that. Thanks for show.
My nice friend you are so beautiful.

Wonderful roses!

Really nice!
Follow you for more lovely pics.

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Wow wow wow. What a beauty. It's amazing!

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