Live Love Laugh - Thursday Green #ColorChallenge

in colorchallenge •  9 months ago


It was somewhat difficult to get the writing on this jar to show up well in the picture, but it is a jar inscribed "live love laugh." I really liked it. Really liked also the flowers and color combinations. I think it is an important message though to not take life too seriously! Lighten up! (Or try to anyway) =)

photograph my own

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Esta bien tu post


Thank you

Nice sentiments. Did you pick the flowers yourself? They are very pretty.


Thanks no, i didn't, i work in a hospital and take pics of unique floral arrangements I see

That's good advice- don't take it too seriously.


Would you be interested in a regional steemit meetup @clove71 I posted about it a couple days ago and remember you saying you were in RVA
If we can get enough interested people of course =)

Nice photo @chelsea88. I am so glad that you wrote about the inscription. Upvoted, resteemed, and made sure that I follow you.


Thanks a bunch, really apprecaite the kind comment

The fall colors are beautiful, the sunflower is my favorit


Ah, thank you =)


You are welcome 😊