Maravillosa combinación: mariposa naranja y flores naranja/Wonderful combination: orange butterfly and orange flowers .

U post bad blogs

Ahem, I hope you are trying to compliment @bunnypuncher for his fantastic photography that he chooses to share with the steemit community. Trying to insult his posts by using bad grammar mak​es YOU look BAD.

his photo is very beautiful, i like your photo ,,

The colorful nature and its species .

That's a magnificent picture.
i'm impressed.

it makes my Completed..

Wow, very beautyful , i like this picture.

Oh my God, the nature is clever, they are the same color. Please look at my tulips! They are oranges too, I am sure you will like it. have a nice day.

LOL i love your username!! And the logo? Even more! but come on.. You don't punch bunnies right? o.o

I like this photo, way too much color! Did you use a camera or a phone?

I used a Canon DLSR camera to take the picture. Bunnies are completely safe if they keep a minimum distance of 50 feet. However closer than that and the gloves come off (or is that on hmmm) anyway you get the idea lol

LOL! Good to know?

Wow! That is really nice. This just reminds me of that time when we went to the Eden Park and there is also a butterfly garden in there with a LOT of butterflies! Hehe :) Butterflies are just beautiful :)

Loving Tueday orange! Nice pictures, look my tulips!:)

Beautiful color challenge

I like the different orange colors and it is a very beautiful butterfly. I love those flowers too!

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