Color Challenge Thursday Green: Mrs Bunnypuncher taking pictures in North Carolina

in colorchallenge •  last year  (edited)

I took this picture of Mrs B taking pictures of the beautiful Mountains of North Carolina. Taking shots of the picture taker is one of my favorite types so I try and take some of Mrs B now and then.




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nice post!!

I love photography, and I always like those who use to do this.. I wish to see ur picz soon.. @bunnypuncher

This is a great. She looks like an entirely different colour in green. 😁

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I will be waiting to see pictures the beautiful Mountains of North Carolina.

Ok I'll make a post of them later today / tomorrow.


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Post yang sangat bagus,dan photografy yang sangat menarik

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It is a very interesting post. Looking forward to your posts

It is a very
Interesting post. Looking
Forward to your posts

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I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Green nature makes as all happy :)))

i like the picture in post ...worth upvoting


This is amazing photo at right time. Beauty of her is amazing with beautiful scenery around her. @bunnypuncher awesome picture from you.

I will give @bpclan a try today. Happy to be by your side @bunnypuncher

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Great, thanks for the gesture.

Real photographer can see the best place

Great.i like your posts @bunnypuncher


Just click awesome moment....... Keep it up your good work... best of luck

I am new here, need your help to grow up. Thanks in advance.


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I absolutely like that!