Up high with an indigo sky

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I was , am and never will be a fan of flying. The tiniest of turbulence feels like I'm riding a roller coaster miles above the ground without the large safety buckles attached. A flight that takes 30 minutes feels like 3 hours to me. Even just thinking about it is enough to make my head sweat.

Needless to say, I spend most my time during a flight closing my eyes and listening to music while squeezing the arm of my unlucky seatmate every single time the plane shakes. But once in a while, I take a sneak peak outside to check if the plane has reached it's highest point. Ironic right? How someone like me, who is so afraid of flying, decides to look at the view at a point where the plane is it's highest point. Why? Because of of this...20180224_163743.jpg
This picture was taken last December when me, @csalupado, and my family went to Boracay.

I don't know why I suddenly feel at ease whenever I see something like this. Maybe because the world looks so much smaller up there? Maybe because it feels like time suddenly slows down? Or maybe the world seems so peaceful and calm? I don't really know but this kind of view makes any long scary flight worth all the anxiety it gives me.

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