Color Challenge - Thursday Green


This abandoned building was photographed by me in April 2014 in Stresa, Italy. It has a really mysterious, yet beautiful atmosphere. Sadly, there was no way to get in.


It is a good scenery that refreshes to heart!

That's a beautiful picture! Makes me want to explore the building, but also hope that people don't disturb the beauty of the area! Keep up the great work!!

It had a really authentic undisturbed atmosphere, so no worries there :)
Thank you very much for the compliment and your comment!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful picture with us :)

Getting inside would probably have taken away the mystery.

Maybe, yes. Thanks for the comment!

Nettes Häuschen :D Ich weiss nicht ob es gut gewesen wäre da reinzugehen :P
Hoff es stört dich nicht das ich auf deutsch antworte!

Haha, ja stimmt wohl! :D
Nein, stört mich gar nicht, ich freue mich über jeden Kommentar, und ein bisschen Deutsch hier ist immer gut!

Supi manchmal überfordert mich das Englisch nämlich ein bisschen bzw die Grammatik :D

I wonder why it was abandoned... The Present bears witness of the Past, and the Future shall make all things clear...

True words, thanks for the comment!

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