Fire in the Sky 🔥

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After the storm past, the fire still remained, consuming the Carolina sky with rusty amber tones lined in bursts of marigold. Swirling bright remnants of the passion of nature enveloped the once blue sky beckoning my camera to capture the fleeting moment.


Only seconds apart, morphing before my eye, with each click of the shutter a new awakening of color was frozen in time but only in image. The orange grew golden, trading its bronze luster for chiffon highlights dancing on the edge of flowing clouds.


Fuchsia and iris slipped in, soothing the warm rage, casting a calming glow. The war had past and now the tranquility was beginning to once again reign in the Carolina skies.


Periwinkle and amethyst glow majestically as the sun releases its hold on the world and the moon ponders its rise.



Meanwhile on the other side of the sky a rainbow dances amongst the mist, casting a bright outlook upon the recently drenched land.


Hope you enjoyed the majesty of the ever changing Carolina skies thanks to my Canon Rebel T7i. Have a beautiful day and remember at the end of every storm there is a rainbow!

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That looks crazy 👀
Thanks for posting 👍 Upvoted


Haha! Thanks so much! Appreciate the support 🐻💓💓

awesome pictures, the first one is epic!


Thanks so much! I love the array of colors at sunset, as soon as I saw it I ran for the camera.... so glad you appreciate it 😊

Tarheel? Can't ever get enough gray during the day in my area. The sunsets sometimes make up for it though. Great work!


Yes 🙌 blue skies everyday in Charlotte... or at least most days, a nice change from where I grew up in the north, lots of grey skies there... are you in Carolinas as well?

ooo these pictures are beautiful :0


Thank you 😊😊😊

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This is very serene. Thanks for sharing



Thank you so much!

I wanted to thank you for following me, I'm also doing the same for you I love your pics of your sunsets.

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