📷 #ColorChallenge🌻💛🌼WednesdayYellow-The Gorgeous Sunshine Beauty!Dazzling, Smiling & Laughing !!!😊Enjoy Watching👍!

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Its personality attracted me, I just went and said..."You Fascinate Me"!!! It smiled and laughed and replied...everyone says the same!!! LOL !!! Tell me something different! I was amazed !!!

I could not take my eyes of it for a while and then this wonderful shot happened...I said bye..bye...GTG !!! It smiled again, as if it knew, I was about to post it, here! Yet there was some silence! Some unsaid and unheard !!!

So while posting this dazzling sunshine beauty, here, I am totally astonished to see, feel and recollect, all that happened and its totally afresh, in my mind and in this shot... even at this moment!!!


Thanks for reading & watching!

Wishing you all Good luck, with Lots of Love!!! Cheers!

Blogging…Its Charm & The Reality!!!

Blogging…seems so much fun…!!! Isn’t it! Yes! Ofcourse…it is!...but…trust you me…Blogging is not all that easy…though it seems pretty interesting to get engaged with lot of people on the web. There must be a million sites involved in blogging and all…but I always question how many of them actually produce original quality content that is really beneficial or purposeful… and for some it’s the same content, slightly modified here and there…which is indeed a sad state of affairs!!!
The only thing comes to my mind is Charles Darwin’s Theory which will remain applicable till there is life on Earth!!!
Struggle for Existence…!
Survival of The Fittest…!
Such a Life!!!....You will definitely get noticed…One day!!!...for sure!!!...Till then patiently wait for your turn!!!


Be Different & Distinct from Others!!!...Be Original…Be Creative!!!

Create your own Niche!!!

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I can see why these are such a favorite of so many! Their happy little faces bob gently up and down on their long, gentle stems. How pleasing to my eyes they are, I'm so glad you took the time to post such a happy reminder of how easy it is to infuse a little delight into your day!

Happy Wednesday! Mwah!

Ohh yeah!!! :) Just so perfect and couldn't agree more ! Denise.
I am learning to live with them...so artfully and with all the positivity...they empower me with all the good and positive thoughts about life and live gracefully irrespective of the time span or longevity of anything on this earth!!!
They infuse their gentleness in my thoughts and acts & promising positivity in my eyes!!!
& & & ...so is with your lovely comments... dearest @dswigle

Thank you so much for being here and being such a fantastic support! Gratitude !!!

Much Love! n lots of regards!

The pleasure is always mine!

it is very beautiful color challenge

Thank you so much! Dear Deepak ! @ahlawat

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The Bright yellow looks very nice

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