Color Challenge Sunday ●••● Violet Is Mild

in #colorchallenge2 years ago

Hello steemians,
Its @amec here today in a bid to participate in the daily colour challenge,today is sunday which means todays pictures will be all about violet following the ROYGBIV sequence.

Am a person that loves to surf the internet so i come across beautiful pictures almost all the time.

Here is my exclusive entry


I hope you guys would love it!

Special thanks to all my friends and everyone in general in the Nigerian community
@sbrys for his continued support, @paradise-found for accepting me with open hands and @sunnylife for being a sweet kind soul

Please continue to support @surpassinggoogle
He really needs us just as much as we need him,If you haven't voted your witness yet, Please vote Terry now

He is the most outstanding witness on steemit that has touched soo many lives positively and continues to do so

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