Colorchallenge Monday- Red

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Todays color is red! I was scrolling through my phone trying to find anything that is red on my gallery and I found this one! I took this one when my husband and I moved here a few months ago to Idaho! These are beautiful flowers but I don't know what the name of them are! They seem to like them though because they are everywhere!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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That's a lot of flowers.


So many! But so gorgeous!

Pretty red flowers! I'm sure there will be alot in the summer! Nice post babe!


I'm sure!! Gracias! 😍😍

Beautiful and Lovely


Thanks so much!

red is one of a beautiful color for flower


Thank you!

Well I was going to say, "That's a lot of flowers", but @merej99 beat me to it. It is a lot of flowers though.


Many beautiful blossoms :-)


I agree!



Aw thank you!

Red looks lovely :) thanks for sharing this beautiful picture!


Aw! My pleasure!

I love the red color. Beautiful photo.
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Red is one of my favorite color


Wow, the colors of the blossoms, the mountains in the back, very beautiful scene


Thank you for your nice comment! So sweet!