ColorChallenge: FridayBlue

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Hey, Steemians!

Could you imagine Venice without its famous gondolas?
Definitely, not.
Although pretty expensive(80 euros for a 30 min ride), many tourists will take a ride by gondola.

In front of San Marco square
Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ38

Despite of some news reports which claimed that Venice canals were dried up at the end of January, I'm sure things got back to normal. The whole phenomenon was caused by the super blue blood moon which caused the reflux of the Adriatic Sea.

On the long term, the scientists are pretty concerned of the Venetian Lagoon. They claim that in next 100 years, Venice as we know it today, will disappear due to the rising sea level. Let's hope things will not get there.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a beautiful Friday!

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image in Indonesia it name is boats and it use for is also as a water transportation..hahhaha


Very nice phot, I love the colours. Each boat has it's own story and own adventures.

this post very nice..and great photography...i appreciate your contest..carry on my friend!!!!!!!!!!

it will be a nice experience surely but as you say its so expensive.)

Wonderful photography.
I appreciate your content.
Thanks for share.

This is very good day.I impress of your travel.It was really amazing, so enjoyment. Having fun.
best of luck

Beloved Venice will live forever! I really hope so. There is no more romantic city for me.

Ai prins luna plina acolo? cititsem ca scazuse nivelul apei cu 1 m
zi frumoasa @alinabarbu

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So pretty!