Colorchallenge Monday Red : My entry 1: gingers--Old gingers are spicy,aged men are lubricity. 姜还是老的辣

in #colorchallenge7 years ago


Gingers are one of the most beautiful and colorful flowers with their elegance in form, texture, sparkling color, and amazing symmetry. The ginger garden in Singapore Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite places. When gingers are blooming, I visit the garden both in the daytime and at night, just to admire the beauty and to share the pictures with you all.


There is an interesting Chinese proverb related to ginger which says: 姜还是老的辣 (Chinese pronunciation: jiang hai shi lao de la). Literal translation is: old ginger is hotter than new. The metaphor is: The elder people have more experience and tough to deal with, i.e., the older the wiser. You can say that the old Steemians are old gingers 😊.

Hope you enjoy the photo and the Chinese old saying. Please upvote and follow me for more.






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