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Lovely artwork! I like the colors and geometry in the piece! Very pleasing to the eye! heart.gif

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this is nice information to know. thank You! :-)

Well done - like the style and coloration

lukisan yang yang indah...

Best color for this painting, i love it this painting. thaks @agneslaczo

I like this work. It gets me a feeling of Klimt!
Glad @blocktrades payed attention to it!
Whale Upvote from @dunsky

I think it's great! Better than what I can do!

Cool painting @agneslazo
which tool did you used?

which program do you use?

Amazing composition !
Upvote, resteem and follow you waiting for your next posts !

Thank you very much !

yeah its a thoughtful..... painting

No it is really so pretty.and I like it....
Hi.....if u seen my posts and like it plsssss follow and vote me.....have a good time.....

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