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Good morning friends of Steemies. today is Green Thursday
I had a lot of time if I did my color challenge, and being on Thursday my favorite day of the week, there is no better time to continue.

Pine tree

scientific name

Pinus Sylvestris


I have always liked the pines, because they remind me of one of the most beautiful moments of the year Christmas

I also remember my beautiful Mérida Venezuela, with its huge pines and its cold climate.

And how not to fall in love with these trees, so beautiful, if you see them and you feel in winter.


I have a friend who knows more about botany than me, and surely she will know all the properties of this wonderful tree. she is @cricri27

Pero crecí rodeado de Pinos y amo verlos, me llenan de nostalgia y felicidad al mismo tiempo. eh Visto pinos Enormes que siento que tocan el cielo, pero seguramente en otros lugares habrán Pinos aun mas grandes, bosques inmensos de estos arboles, donde seguramente seria aun mas feliz.


thanks to @kalemandra for creating the ColorChallenge

En especial por escoger al Jueves Thursday como el día Verde.


Fotografías tomadas por mi Iphone 4S

Thanks for reading me.


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I almost do not know what their characteristics are, but I play the research ajajaj

love amiga