A Little Bit of A #DrumCircle for You

in #coloradolast year

Manitou Springs #drumcircle was framed in another beautiful night here. It's hard not to have a good time when you stand amongst the drums and feel the beat mix with the night air. I highly recommend it. The snippet I added was recorded on my old cellphone that didn't sound to bad on my computer. How does it sound on the device you watch steemit videos on?

manitou sept 2019 addjusted.jpg

manitou sept 2019 adjusted.jpg

The good news is that I have a new smartphone as of a few days ago that is supposed to have a great camera (Google Pixel 3) and the GoPro 8 is coming out in a few months and is supposed to offer much better sound quality with 4 mics. I'm planning on my post getting better...hopefully.


Wow, a lot of nice Drum collection and beat nice sound.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

That looked and sounded good to me :)

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