Post-COVID Apocalypse: Literally EVERYONE Sucks!

What happened to people? Media personalities pontificated about the new rise in consciousness that the lockdown would bring - where people learn to be a family again and everyone suddenly finds a new meaning to their lives.


Instead we are seeing soaring suicide, depression, addiction, oh!, and by the way, people suck worse now than ever before.

Post-COVID Apocalypse: LITERALLY Everyone Sucks!

In this brave new world, people are really pissed. They are sick of wearing shit over their faces, washing hands like a bunch of OCD freaks, and distancing from each other like we all have the plague - one that has killed 0.000001% of the population so far.

Instead, there is a overabundance of fat, lazy, and entitled assholes who want their stimulus check, or for you to get the hell out of their faces.

No worries, I am one of the fatties - the stress of keeping bills paid means that I puff up like a fish, or binge eat whenever things go wonky, which is pretty much every other day. Drinking beer and listening to music is a nice reprieve. My only hold-out is to keep walking, walking, walking...

Men are hungrier than ever...for sex. Not love.

Women are scrambling for any step up they can get...even if they have to do it in a bed, or stepping on the competition.

Children can't decide any longer if they are boys, or girls, or something else entirely...

The natural order of life is so topsy turvy, even the weather has gone haywire.

Meanwhile shipping is backed up, there is a massive shortage of truckers due to "jab-or-else" orders, and that is being felt across transport industries:

One airline cancels their flights because of "weather" but none of the other flight providers got the memo:

We aren't even sure what is going on with the US President:

Even the mob is pissed because the new generation are all pussies:

Can it get worse? Maybe a monster meteor will come knocking!

On a more personal level it seems like more people are out to screw me in general. I could be wrong but, for every decent upstanding nice tourist/expat I receive, two more are waiting to accuse me of wanting money (why yes, I would like to be paid for my time and experience) or ready to shake me down for all they can get at the cheapest price possible, heck why pay anything at all?

There is no normal. Nobody can predict what will happen next. If money comes in today, I have to think about it as the last money I may see until tomorrow, the day after, or even next week. People are coming here to Colombia to escape winter, vaccine zombies, starvation, and governments who want them jabbed or locked out in the cold. Great motivation.

What differences have you noticed? Please do comment! This is the moment to VENT YOUR SPLEEN, with gusto!

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