A Wild Circlejerk Appeared! Get your Harpoon, Mateys!

in #collusivevoting6 years ago (edited)

Ahoy, @tybodish!

Noticed ye had a bit of collusion on your profile with your whale pal @gcalex.


Quite fascinating a post you have there. I'm sure the community would agree. Let's make sure they have all the links so these posts get the attention they deserve.




Also, a convenient reminder that flags may be purchased from @bid.bot. I have a contact on the whitelist who is glad to coordinate flags. They have this functionality temporarily disabled until @flag.bot pool reached sufficient SP.

Liquid Rewards for this post will be allocated to the flag rewards fund. You know what to do.


  • Conversion of FAW Code to Beem Libraries in progress due to Steem-Python BIP38 wallet issues.
  • Veterans Administration of Haejin Wars: Upvote Faucet to be Created for FAW tanks for reputation reparations.


The renowned Church of Piglet has duly flagged those postings, but we are poor.

Righteous, but poor.

We appreciate what you do, @church-of-piglet!

Keep flagging righteously! You have our support.

Our High Priest, who is an avid photographer, was greatly annoyed by the rewards on this posting:


Just putting it out there as an example of what we're up against too.

Also, check out the rewards on these puny comments:


Spread the word, as we don't have the voting power to combat this.

Way to bring it to attention

I was trying to, but all I get is:

RPCError: Assert Exception:o.weight != 0: Vote weight cannot be 0.Di

I'll get back to them later.

What is your code trying to do? I'd be glad to take a look at it in context and see how I can help.

no code involved. Just hitting the flag button with 100% manually on steemit.com. Doesn't work.

I've had errors with condenser in the past. Maybe try busy.org out. Thanks for your attention to this abuse. I'm working on getting the word out so this gets dealt with.

We suspect this account is actually associated with other exploitative accounts that purport to be testing for EOS. I don't think I would characterize what they are doing as testing at this point.

This appears to possible be an attack exploiting Steem's voting.

Move the slider a bit, then back to 100%. It's a bug, possibly just in the UI.

Move the slider a bit, then it will work.

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