College is a Scam

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Dont believe me? Look up the amount of student loan debt in America :)

Long story short, keep your judgements to yourself. People dont want to hear about your advice or how you feel. If they did, then they would ask you.


If someone thinks your stupid or that your not fully aware of whats going on, then let them keep thinking that way. It is them that is actually not aware of the situation as a whole.

Time may show these people the reality of these situations, and if/when it does, these people will look at you in shock.
My classmates FAILED, these classes I easily got As (and a B+) in. When the class found out I had averaged an A and that I was exempt from the final, you could have heard a pin drop. "How could he have pulled off an A???"

The saying "Dont judge a book by its cover" should be kept in mind. Maybe a less corny version should be kept in mind actually. But regardless, its essential to not jump to conclusions. This world is filled with so many illusions and its so easy to get lost in them. When those illusions go away and theres nothing left but the light (truth), its blinding. Some become blinded with anger, and find someone to scream at. Others become blinded by fear and hide away so they cant be found.

Ultimately what im trying to say is that, these grades are not special. If you knew me, you would expect nothing less. But if you let those illusions take over your sight, youll be left wondering how I pulled it all off

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Here it’s big business!! They sell application forms plus registration fees. Then, one has to pay for the entrance exams. Once admitted, parents have to ‘donate’ to school’ s charity!
Then, you’ll have to buy the uniforms, belt and buttons plus school pins. Fir better grade, kids have to enroll for extra tutorial! More expenses for school trips, etc.

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