The Real Story of Medical Student, Veil After Dissecting the Bodies.

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He has now become a specialist and leads eye clinics with a number of branches in different cities. This is the true story of Dr. Uyik Unari, SpM while still a medical student.

Events that later became the point of migration was in 1989. At that time, during one semester, he must follow the lab work of the anatomy of the human body.

"I can not imagine before, every day for a semester I have to deal with cadaver, a corpse that has been preserved," he recalled.

Anatomy lessons and practice make medical students understand the whole anatomy of the human body. Start large organs to blood vessels and nerves. The feel is heavy, knowing precisely the location, the shape and the names of every part of the human body with the Latin language.

"I am almost desperate in this anatomy semester," continued dr Uyik recalled the true story.

That day, first enter the practice room. All the students have been neatly in their white coats. Once inside, the scent of formalin directly pierces the nose and makes eyes sore. Ten cadavers have been waiting for them. Approximately 150 students were divided into ten groups, with one cadaver for each group.

"Frankly I was trembling to see the cadaver lying stiffly on the wooden table."

The students immediately started dissecting cadaver after hearing the explanation of the supervisor about his ordinance. However, not so with dr Uyik. He looked at the cadaver as he mused. "Yes Rabb, one day I will also be a corpse like this cadaver." Imagine how no one can help at that time except good deeds.

At that time, Dr. Uyik has started to study Islam with his brothers. Every Friday they meet for recitations, tazkiyah and taklim. Assessing the Qur'an and the hadiths of the Prophet with the guidance of an Ustadz.

Arriving at home after the lab, he was still thinking about cadaver. "What if suddenly Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala to take my life while charity is not enough salaat for stock in the hereafter?"

The reflection made him realize it. He promises in his heart to always obey God and stay away from his prohibitions. He also decided to close the aurat. Veil.

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