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RE: The Invisible War

I don't know if it is too cynical to say to the kids but one thing to remember is that the people who run the waste management industry are usually not the nicest and most well adjusted members of society, quite a few more Tony Sopranos than Mr. Cleans making money off recycling..


I just get frustrated too. Until humanity makes a real effort to clean up the environment there will be tons of landfill material for every pound of re-cycled. At least that is how I see it. Kind of defeating. Thanks for the reply

There's a few silver linings on the horizon I think. It does look like a bacteria is evolving to eat plastic for instance, I believe nature will help us in this.

After all, the planet does want to achieve homeostasis, and will get it one way or the other ;)

That is a great way to think! Those surprises, those unexpected outcomes around the corner do not always have to be a detriment.