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Please see Caitlin's post ;, Upvote her and support her. This is my reply to her post concerning Syria.

First let me say that in no way is this a dis of Caitlin. I hear exactly what she is saying. I was an adult when the Iraq war was launched and it was one of the primary reasons I left the Republican party to become an independent. I follow her because she delivers articles such as these. If she and the small number of others like her didn’t, then what?
I simply believe that in order to truly win we need a different approach. My dream would be to see the heavy hitters such as Caitlin adopt or promote my solution. My analysis of this article may seem cold. Again, I believe there is an alternative and I believe you need to hear my out.
Twenty years ago even there was not an alternative to the back and forth of human power struggles. Today I believe there is. Is is called Collective Intelligence. I ask you to read the articles I have posted on my blog to understand. If you cannot, oh well!
Journalism such as Caitlin’s has been our refuge for so long. The authors our standard bearers. Let us examine for a moment our plan of action. First let us review what Caitlin has presented to us; 1. The actions and timelines of the sociopaths. 2. The results of the actions of the sociopaths. 3. The methods of the sociopaths. 4. The tools of the sociopaths; sympathy. 5. Call for justice to be ruled against sociopaths.
Her propositions are; 1. “Righteous anger can severely hobble the propaganda machine they intend to use for further interventionism in that nation.” 2.“You cannot argue with the rage of someone who is certain that an unforgivable evil has been perpetrated.” 3. “But shoving angrily and aggressively against the establishment structures which made it possible and screaming for justice and vengeance is the first step” 4. “Anger is sympathy poison”. 5. “we will be attacking, which means that they will be forced to defend against those attacks.”
Here is our plan of action: 1.“We need a major adjustment of our emotional posture on this issue.” 2. “we should be screaming at these bastards” 3. “We should be shouting the imperialists down,” 4. “We should be much more angry and aggressive” 5. “Let's not play defense and reaction anymore. Let's stop waiting for something to go wrong and start forcing things to be right. It's time to go on the offensive with this thing. Get angry and let it roar through you.
My proposition is that this is not the optimal way to win. My proposition is that there is another way. My proposition is that we need to move from a world moderated by individual intelligence to a world moderated by a collective intelligence. My proposition is that the “sociopaths” hold and retain power by the acquisition of “authority”. My proposition is that this “Authority” is based in individual intelligence. My proposition is that human intelligence is based on logic and reason, not emotion. My proposition is that Collective intelligence is more logical and rational than individual intelligence and produces more sound conclusions. My proposition is that a collective intelligence done in the right manner with the right goals will usurp “Authority” and thus power from the sociopaths, My proposition is that doing so will be “evolutionary”.
My plan of action is to create via technology a form of artificial intelligence based on human collective intelligence.
Please if you have thoughts on any of the above, post them. We need to work together, We need to create. We need to preserve. Those are my thoughts.

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