Endless Chatter

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If you care about humanity in general and are able to formulate some type of personal perspective on the world you may find yourself in the category of activist. What does this mean? If means you have a point of view or position that you would like to integrate into the greater whole in order to bring about positive changes in our shared environment.

It is admirable for someone to put time and effort into what they perceive as positive contributions towards our common challenges. This is why I am a reader of alternative media. For almost two decades now I have read the opinions of people who I feel genuinely want to steer the world in the right direction.

Sadly though I feel it is not enough.Why? Because the dissenting voice, the wise advice, the cautionary tale are all just part of the human experience. There is nothing new about prescient individuals or groups of individuals giving heed to future misfortune.

Yes we live in a technologically advanced world and there is a connection to people and events around the world that is extraordinary. The psychological and sociological forces at play on humanity have not changed though, not in fundamental ways. Yes we can be shamed at light speed or organized quickly to meet a crisis. Do we as humans interact in those psychological and social realms differently though?

The course of humanity is still heading in the same direction it was yesterday and the day before yesterday. People thousands of years ago foretold of an apocalypse, why? Perhaps it was because they knew as we should know that people, humans never really work their issues out. They can for a time compromise or reach agreement. We need a contract of some sort though to hold these bonds together.

What needs to be said is that despite all the good intentions and the at times, very positive results of those who I will deem activist; In the scope of things it is just chatter. Mistakenly, it is not serving the needed purpose. That doomsday clock just keeps getting closer and closer as we keep talking and talking about it.

Alternative media and activist will be “truth-telling” right up until the end comes. Their heroic efforts and they are heroic, are not waking humanity as a whole from the slumber of self delusion and personal need and want. That is the real issue and something much more is needed for that.

Humans have an almost symbiotic relationship with self-delusion and the distortion of logic and truth. Until it is resolved, sad as it may be it really is all just endless chatter.

Please read; Save the World Individual vs. Collective Intelligence for an introduction to what I see as our only real hope as a species. My book “ Viable” is here also and has greater detail. What ever the solution is, we need to start looking soon.


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