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Recently I was reading an article by a journalist whom I consider invaluable. I was informed by the article as always, yet at the same time I got the feeling I often do that we are all on a merry go round and will never get off.

I have been reading articles like this one for the better part of twenty years. There is the outrage, the account of how we are being subjugated by powerful interest. The information concerning the wrongs perpetrated upon mankind.

Reading the article you wonder what the point of all this is, as nothing will really change and little will be accomplished. Not by you just reading the article anyway.

I have come to the conclusion that our documenting the injustice of man through journalism is all just the warm up act, the narration before the real show begins. It may go on for decades. We may have our small victories. In the end though only one thing will settle our primary issues and that is violent conflict. Because that is just the way that we humans work.

Is violent conflict, war as they love to proclaim so boldly, really the best solution or fix for our problems in the world? Is it a solution at all, because the world and it’s inhabitants will always have issues? Power will always ebb and flow. Human needs and wants will persist.

War in my mind is simply a reset for when the pressures simply overcome the environment. When the emotions and fears, wants and needs of the people involved become uncontrollable. Violent conflict leaves new realities in it’s wake. It presents a clear slate here and there within of the human sphere. It does not however change the dynamics of human interaction. So it can only be seen as a cyclical phenomenon, not a solution.

Often I see within journalism what I refer to as positive human attributes put forward as “solutions” for the worlds’ ills. These may involve, positive thinking, love, respect, independence, raising your own crops etc.

The idea seems to be that some positive human endeavor elevated to a priority in the minds and actions of enough people will create a refuge for some, give hope to others. They say love can change the world. They say “only if”.

I don’t want to cast a shadow on the value of these skills and attributes. I only want to express that within the larger picture, human nature will continue to be expressed as it has for the last 10,000 years if there is not a fundamental change, a fundamental catalyst somewhere within our experience. We may ourselves espouse a greater representation of humanity, humanity as a whole though has not and will not change without a real solution.

For our fortunes to change, our environment must change. Change as least as I understand physics takes energy. Energy is power. Power is what humans strive for and that is what we are really debating her.
We live in a world dominated by Individual Intelligence. In the world we know individuals compete against one another constantly and individual power is greatly sought.

So really it is this competition for resources, advantage etc. that is the issue. So how do we stop the fight? Isn’t this just nature?

Yes, we are biological creatures and competition is endemic. We pride ourselves on our accomplishments and attributes.

We are also very intelligent creatures and this is really the key. It really is not about the competition and standing on the podium. It is about the journey there. It is about the process and that process, that journey; is a journey of human intelligence.

There are moral and spiritual aspects of our humanity that we embrace. Human intelligence though plays an integral part in our navigation of the world. Human reason and logic are the primary tools we use to accomplish this navigation.

The solution we so desperately need has to do with our most valuable asset and that is our intelligence.We must find a way to optimize our intelligence

We must transition from a world formed and dominated through necessity by individual intelligence to a world dominated and formed by a collective intelligence.

Our environment will change, we will change, our interactions with one another will change, our possible future will change.

The alternative is we enter a new world of technology provided to us by human intelligence and we drag along the attributes of our past and embrace our primal nature. A primal nature rooted in our dependence on individual intelligence.

For more on Collective Intelligence and why I believe it is our solution to a greater future, please read Viable here at the top of the page. Thank you.