Collaborative Art Journey..."DROPS OF MATTER" No. 38: Vortex of drops

Hello friends here my entrance collaborating with art

To my digital art he called it Vortex of drops, as we can see in the center a vortex or swirl of colors that makes each corner stand out where we appreciate the drops of matter, it is like seeing a vortex of bubbles, it is very striking due to its hallucinogenic colors it's like being in a 3D world


I sooooo love spirals @angel50--this one really caught my eye. It's great how the bubbles are still visible and makes a little whirlwind in the middle. Fun Fun Fun!!! Thanks for playing this game with us!

Thanks girl-friend @everlove if I want to highlight the bubbles of drops of matter and that the whirlwind gave him that incredible and colorful shape, I love you could appreciate, that colorful and striking part

Thanks for giving me something to appreciate @angel50.

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