We Die In Such Measure As We Do Not Distinguish // collage by sexdeathrebirth

in collage •  last year


"We Die In Such Measure As We Do Not Distinguish" - Carl Jung

Life is process of individuation. Death is the ultimate dissolution of our identity.

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You understand Death so well, unlike the profane who think death only pertains to the physical organism... but true Death, that which brings Life by the removal of all that is false within us. It amazes me how what you do (your art) could be considered "identity" by some, but yet throughout your work you can tell that its not a projection but an expression of conscious will. You don't seem to be identified, it is as if the artist and the art are separate even when it comes to images of "you", and in those particular images I get the feeling that you are doing some sort of Internal Work. It's truly mesmerizing and draws me in further due to the authentic inner workings that go on behind it all and seeing the Beauty of it before it reaches the physical plane. You work affects me deeply. Inverential Peace.


I'm the one cutting the paper, arranging them in such a way, but I'm interpreting and translating into art something that transcends me as an individual. I often feel that I am simply the messenger, the conduit, to transmit a message that I have translated into the universal language of symbols. Even with my art that uses my body... my body is a tool to communicate...