Collaborative Art Journey "TAKE ACTION" No. 34 #Parallel World

The distortion of the image reminds me of parallel worlds. world where we can exist but with different lives and I plamas my work based on parallel world.

01 - copia (2) - copia.jpg

Use the magic of photoshop for this image given by @everlove

01 - copia (2).jpg



If you want to participate in this @everlove contest this is the link "Clips here"

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I really love spiral and swirly things @luisrigual, and also very intrigued by parallel naturally, I love this piece. I love the smooth, velvet-iness that flows between the different aspects of your image. A very interesting contribution! Thank you for your creation.

I'm glad you like my work, it's very good your colavorativo art contest, and it should be noted that every day with these challenges makes us put more creative thanks for creating this type of contests.

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