Can you feel normal without your smartphone?

in #colivingclub5 years ago (edited)

We are becoming increasingly dependant on mobile phones🤳🏻 as these small and sleek devices are multi-functional gadgets that help in our day-to-day tasks.✅
I did an experiment being without my mobile phone for one day 😳. Kind of technology detox😅.
After this I can say, that now when everything is going in the progress way, that kind of life is almost impossible. You always need to connect to somebody👥, follow news,📰 even work.
But, nobody tells you to use it all the time! Try! You will be surprised that your health becomes better, your eyes will relax, your posture’ ll be better. You could see so many things outside your screens, so many people. Less following somebody’s life, build yours!💪

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