Hanging with Cointelegraph at Tron HQ

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Hanging with Steve, Head of Social at Cointelegraph at Tron headquarters. Talking about lots of exciting possibilities. What do you all think, should Cointelegraph get more active on Steem?



"What do you all think, should Cointelegraph get more active on Steem?"

Yeah. You probably should have helped them with that a few years ago.

But dog parks were chosen for "marketing" instead.

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

Coin Telegraph should get active on Steem and active about Steem.
Steem is the biggest and most active community in Crypto.


Dan are you scared of the giant steem crash today? Its not looking good hey? What gonna happen? 😭

Look at the rest of the market as well.

Ye alts getting rekt

It looks like a buying opportunity.
There is so much potential exploding on the blockchain that it’s almost a blessing to have a dip like this. We are experiencing a big surge in attention and several Applications are breaking into the top 20 in usage on the state of the DApps website , while technological achievements on the blockchain continue. I am adding to my holdings.

Sorry I missed you guys!

There's definitely a dApp for that.

Yes, there is!

It's possible to make Steem-based websites using @engrave:

i.e. https://steem.com.ph

100% - they would be very welcome. Any interesting objects in the Tron trophy cabinet behind you @andrarchy?

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That would be cool.

Wow things are improving fast. Welcome @cointelegraph

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Soon they will be able to convert #cointelegraph into a Steem-based website using @engrave.

This is our Steem-based website: @andrarchy @cointelegraph

Steem Philippines

I think you two make a lovely couple. Congratulations!

Bring him on ;)

Surely they could publish their media here too! Waiting good new's!

yeah it would be nice, so where the conversation went? 😁

That would be cool, man!

Sharks! Yes!

Cointelegraph, let's join Steemit :)

Would be great to have them publish here.

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