Important - KuCoin API KEY upgrade announcement. Action steps for Coin Stats user

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Below you can find the official announcement sent to all KuCoin exchange users.

Dear KuCoin Users,
In purpose of protecting valuable digit assets of our users, we are pleased to announce that the upgrading process of API Keys will commence at 10AM (UTC/GMT -4) 20st of March 2018. Estimated upgrading time will take for 1 hour.
The default API Keys shall initially set as "Disable" status, to prevent unnecessary lost of your assets, please temporarily stop using API Keys before, during and after the upgading. You will be required to reactivate the API Keys by go through the security verification process as soon the upgrading is accomplished.
We strongly advise you to login KuCoin and check if API Keys are generated by yourself, in any case of suspicious activities are detected, please delete it immediately in order to keep your assets in securitized status.
We shall continuously providing you the most effective security service as always.

All Coin Stats users should login to their KuCoin accountm, delete/disable all the API KEYs they are using on KuCoin. It will result getting error message on Coin Stats app that it is unable to sync to your KuCoin account.

You can login to your KuCoin account after 11am(UTC/GMT-4), generate new API KEYs and update them inside Coin Stats app by editing your portfolio.

Thanks and happy tracking!
Coin Stats team

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