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Early in 2018, those who are paying attention began to notice that major corporations are beginning to issue their own cryptographic tokens. Many will hear this information (dare I say most?), and keep washing their dishes without realizing the impact that such a move will have on their lives in the near future.

I believe this is the beginning of something new. A thought experiment based on the idea of unique decentralized live transactional ledgers having value. Otherwise known as the bitcoin protocol. With the graphene protocol on this platform we have seen an absolutely incredible valuation from content alone. Steemit is very close to this, my idea, but falls short in a few ways. Validation, identity alone being somewhat dubious at times, but I digress.

With the move by Kodak Corporation to begin issuing their own tokens, and I don't really feel that I can overstate this fact here people, we are talking about a new way of life based on our own issuance of our own unique tokens or 'coins' if you will. All will ask, Where is the value? To that I say, what is YOUR value? How do you value your existence on this planet? Are you trying to be productive and build a happy life or are you a bitter spiteful heretic that spends most of your time complaining about those around you? To help or hinder, that is the question.

Which do we want to be? TV is not helping folks, sorry but that experiment has now utterly failed and has been gobbled up by the central node. The central node, I guess that very few would even come so far as to acknowledge that is even exists. It does in fact exist and there is much more to the scheme that that. What scheme? The scheme to control the world, the scheme of con-artists and double-dealers, the confidence scheme. Just give up all your rights and everything will be ok... The central node, call it the shadow, or the deep state, it's been around for many a decade and IT is the controlling state that wants your income for itself and it's benefactors. They create wars, destroy free democratic processes and generally steal everything from humanity and the planet. Pollution, corruption and abuse go unpunished in the current 'deep' state. These traits are those of the central node and they like it when we emulate them. Flattery being the highest compliment with re-enactment being magically delicious of course.

When the continent's of the america's were discovered, a massive amount of theft occurred never seen before. Murder and blood lust were common. Those who schemed, murdered and lied the best were generally rewarded with kingdoms and riches beyond measure. The deleterious effect this series of historical events has had on humanity echoes to the present day, as we are now dealing with the system that was created to reward the lords and ladies while keeping the serf's uneducated and in a state of constant transition. We have been duped to believe that this is OUR system and it works for us. I can tell you with unwavering certainty that this system is most definitely not designed with your health and well-being in mind. The only valuable variable that went into designing the system, was profit. This is old school, cold ass, beat your kids methodology. It has destroyed most of the rugged individualists we used to look to as leaders. This system, you will be well advised to remember, does not tolerate competition, it eliminates it.

This has to end, we are facing a state of complete neo-feudalism if the boat is not collectively turned around. Yes we all agree on these simple facts I would argue. Then why is it that we don't just each launch our own boats and let the big slumbering warship sink? There just aren't enough proverbial builders and sailors around. So YO HO! Draw your plans and get your ship in order, the time for sailing has begun!

Look at it like this, you work for someone, well most of us do, right? Do you do a good job? Good, I'm proud of you meatsack. Each time you do a good job, the business you work for has the value of their coin being validated by your good work, whether it's digging ditches, cooking food or acting as CEO. They each contribute to the whole. If they work as a stellar team, they earn a stellar value and when they spend the coins they have earned (a paycheque), they will reap the benefits of a higher coin value.

You do the work and have proof (see where I'm going here), we all depend on each other in this world, each of our coins need to interact and provide the next coin in the chain with a value. The value is rendered from your occupation, social media accounts, online activity and your general interaction with the public at large. We are all under constant surveillance from our digital devices. Why shouldn't we attempt to create a system that rewards good behaviour?

Our own intrinsic value is rendered from what you already do each day. Shovel the snow on your walk or sweep the entrance to your home or business and your value gets a lil bump. We give the homeless a device and now he has the app integrated into his life, allowing him to prove his value and better integrate into society. Humans are not robots and we suffer general maladies as we age, we ALL do. Why are we too short-sighted to not make it easier for ourselves? The homeless would not exist, and if they did have major addictions or other serious issues it is up to us as a society to try to help their situation anyway is it not??? Consequently you would see businesses start to help the distraught and defenseless and these businesses would issue their coins or tokens and these would have a strong value because they are helping people and in turn this helps all people. Yes?

"The continuing draw upon the public's future by big business and it's ties to the fraudulent 'banking' system will leave our grandchildren bereft of all but debt." Brian F. McIntyre

I think about how the most creative and radical thinkers have suffered throughout history and how much more we could be right now as unshackled sovereign entities. It's a way of life that believes in freedom breeding prosperity. Your coin is able to purchase as well, our way of life would only improve, with individuals subject to personal responsibility, we all benefit. Design an engine that runs on water; your coins would skyrocket in value, kill the guy who invents that engine and your token wouldn't buy a gummy candy...
Just think, everything ruled by the economic incentives, in a way that rewards contributions to humanity.

Issue your own coin/token and get it figured out because those in the know are literally going to get the keys pretty soon.
Y'all hear me? Type some words, click stuff.


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