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Summary Coinsup aims to offer a single interface to users and businesses by linking the points between all the major components of digital asset management.

The Coinnup ecosystem will streamline all the major components that lead to the digital economy. We intend to offer extremely simple solutions, the platform is safe and technically reliable

The all-in-one Coinsup platform will be combined with major banks around the world to provide our customers with services on an internal level along with 24-hour customer support. Scalable and focused platform built for everyday transactions in the form of cryptocurrency or Fiat, trading, Deposit and withdrawal.

All your wallets in one place

Multi-currency wallet for coins and all ERC 20 tokens with easy recovery management.

The lightweight architecture provides ultra-fast performance without fully loading the node.

Highly secure as private keys never leave the device and can only be controlled by the user.

Why us?

The Coinnup team consists of financial experts, marketers, innovators, developers, designers and economists.

Our project is based on extensive research of daily needs of users. Our vision a centralized approach to decentralized innovation is "a difference that makes a difference". Our all-in-one solution goes beyond just cryptocurrency to Fiat, trading, deposits, withdrawals and wallets. Our model allows scalability to grow and anticipate the needs of our users.

ID Central

Our unique authentication system ensures that users can trade, buy or sell cryptocurrencies. We will achieve this by providing users with a Central profile that only needs to be checked once to access all of our services.

One check using the app or the Internet.Step number 2 the process will take less than a minute to get confirmed and move into the crypto world. Using our ID Centralized mobile app or web platform.

New users will upload photos themselves and any government-issued ID. After verification, the IDs will be associated with the C-Key and act as backup passwords in case users lose access to the platform or wallet.

C-Key provides centralized protection for user accounts. One key will allow you to access the web platform, trading, wallet, mobile wallet, and all other services offered by Coinnup. Users can reset passwords, authorize the transaction and confirm the withdrawal with the use of C-Key. To ensure maximum security of user accounts and wallets, C-Key will be used in conjunction with 2FA IDs and user IDs.


The goal of Coinnup sales network is"to be everywhere". Cryptocurrency is still foreign

to the majority of the world's population, especially in the wholesale and retail environment.

Companies familiar with cryptocurrencies are almost ready to make blockchain decisions, but are hesitant due to the lack of an established, reliable platform. We expect massive adoption of block-oriented business solutions that can save overhead on Bank charges and fees.

Our point of sale (POS) system will allow customers to pay utility bills, Supplement mobile credit, send and receive money domestically and internationally, buy products, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It will not only offer great convenience to customers, but also support business growth, change any retail business with a single portable POS terminal.

The Coinnup platform will include both software and hardware, including mobile devices for traders.

Network POS Coinsup will focus:
- Retail stores (all kinds)
- Mobile companies and Government departments
- E-Commerce mobile payment Integration and API
- Services POS network Daily retail payments
- Mobile recharge Sending and receiving domestic and international payments,
- Utilities Buy Sell Cryptocurrency Payments NFC and QR
POS deployment model retail chain of stores (brands)
- Retail stores (agents)
- Coinnup POS Franchise

Why Coinsup POS Franchise?

Existing POS service providers rely heavily on retail stores that act as agents and generate sales revenue

providing Commission services to daily customers. The problem with this model is on average

30% of agents remain inactive in some capacity. Thus, there is no consistency in income and performance.

Model franchise POS Coinnup will provide less dependence on agents ' network for creating another income stream. The franchise model aims to ensure quality of service and customer support within established guidelines. Some Coinnup services will remain exclusive to franchising, such as cryptography and international payments.

We aim to replace our 50% network of agents with the following deployment plan, while we will continue to work with retail networks, brands and chain stores to support our POS system.

The ready-made ICO solution Launchpad from Coinnup offers all the necessary components on one platform.

Our unique evaluation mechanism will only allow selected ICO to Board to ensure the quality of the accepted projects. A detailed initial ICO assessment will build trust within the community crowd funding and increase confidence in future projects.

Each ICO will be assigned a special team to manage the following aspects of its ICO:

Command check
* Legal compliance (including business registration, jurisdiction, financial licenses)
* White paper
* Issue rating scores* * ICO * * (General + breakdown)
* ICO website
* Intelligent contract management (multiple block-chains, ETHEREUM, NAO, NEM)
* Individual bonus structure
* Individual marketing solution (various marketing and PR-coordination for different levels of campagins)
* Participants
* The authors KYC / AML complain
* Referral program and customer support
* Get a list for Coinsup exchange

Command check
Each team member associated with the project will conduct extensive background checks for verification experience claims, location and social profile. This will add marketing value to the project and play a key role in ensuring the integrity of the project.

Legal compliance
The Coinsup legal team will advise and assist in the organization of business and registration of legal entities based on the requirements of each client and project. Financial licenses and turnkey payment system the solution will be implemented if necessary.

The project step is an integral part of the ICO and each member of the designated team will contribute based on their area of expertise. According to the customer's preferences, up to 7 languages are offered.

ICO Coinnup ratings are aimed at ensuring the trust in the projects. Each client will be informed on how to improve the ratings according to the following established rules. Will be given overall ratings of the project, and ratings for team viability, uniqueness, availability of resources and factors cryptoeconomy.

Coinnup's in-house team provide custom websites that reflect the vision and brand of each project.

Digital marketing

The following services will become part of the standard ICO package:
* Create ads
* Publications and optimization
* Social media campaigns
* Individual advertising campaigns and campaigns

Growth marketing

* Targeted marketing to attract a specific audience to the project websites.
* Social media hacking and community building.
* Publications in the mass content of

WhitePaper: username: vismirn


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They have a strong focus on speed and security of Deposit and withdrawal. I hope they will realize their plans!

Fees they are going well enough, I think the amount collected is already enough to implement the project. I hope they will succeed

Great project idea!

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