[EOS] Good news for Macbook users! Step by Step Guide on Creating Secure wallet using TouchID!

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Your Apple Computer = Hardware wallet for EOS?

Hello, this is OWDIN.

EOSIO 1.1.0 update was released yesterday, and one of the most interesting feature that was added was the hardware wallet support using OSX Secure Enclave function.

Simply put, all MacBook users can use their own laptop as a hardware wallet using OSX Secure Enclave without buying other expensive wallets.

This post is a guide on creating a hardware wallet using TouchID!

Step by Step Guide

  1. keosd compile

Once you code sign the eos software after downloading and compiling it, you can use OSX Secure Enclave.

Please refer to the Apple developer site to find out more about code signing.
You can visit the OWDIN github page, if you need some more tips.

2.Execute newly compiled keosd

2-1.How to execute keosd

스크린샷 2018-07-18 오후 5.51.25.png

2-2.Cleos options

스크린샷 2018-07-18 오후 4.26.16.png

3.SecureEnclave wallet open

3-1.Retrieve Wallet List

스크린샷 2018-07-18 오후 4.15.49.png

3-2.Wallet unlock by Touch ID

스크린샷 2018-07-18 오후 4.15.38.png

4.Create SecureEnclave key

Create R1 key

스크린샷 2018-07-18 오후 4.23.22.png

5.Create an account

5-1.Create a new account

system newaccount [softwallet_account] [hardwallet_account] [owner key] [active key] --stake-net "1.0000 SYS" --stake-cpu "1.0000 SYS" --buy-ram "0.1000 SYS"

스크린샷 2018-07-18 오후 5.25.29 (1).png

5-2.Send currency

스크린샷 2018-07-18 오후 5.32.27.png

Reference :

eosio 1.1.0 release : https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/releases/tag/v1.1.0

secure enclave issue : https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/pull/4244

Signed keosd : https://github.com/owdin/secure-enclave-keosd

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Looks very complicated! Ledger support will be better for mainstream