Coinhive needs payment for new account

in coinhive •  7 months ago

Had someone out of the blue come into the VidYen discord and tell me that they had to pay 200 British pounds for Coinhive license. I was... "Wait what?"

And sure enough:

Screenshot 2018-09-17 21.39.54.png

My old account still works so I suppose I am grandfathered in so I will keep Coinhive supported by VYPS for the time being.

However, makes me kind of glad I put together the VY256 Miner so I don't have to actually use them in case I do.

Although, I kind of like the idea that there is no some sort of baseline test for account holders so they are not installing silent miners on websites and malware, I think it would be better to just keep it free but with the consent (like I do).

Anyways... Enough shameless self promotion... If you are still interesting in browser mining but can't afford the invite fee, feel free to download my plugin...

Download to update found here:

Otherwise you can download by searching for VYPS or VidYen in your WordPress plugin section on your site.

Any technical issues feel free to ping me on my Discord:




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