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Favorite Steem Here: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/steem


Also, @coingecko is a Steem witness and has been helping a lot with Steem ratings, and I believe their site coingecko.com has the potential to overtake CMC. If you haven't dropped coinmarketcap for coingecko, I recommend you do, it's a better site, and you would be supporting a Steem witness. And if you have any free votes you can vote for @coingecko as a witness! If you are currently not voting, consider adding me as your voter proxy here: https://bit.ly/2IiPAaL

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I only recently started using CoinGecko and I like it.

In fact, I use Coin Gecko live widgets on my Marky on Air show if you watch the live stream or replay.

Cool! Hope you love the widget!

i didnt know of coingecko but I had heard of it
but I had no clue it was a steem witness... nice!

Yup, you should be voting for them.

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We're here on Steem! We've recently given our first witness update here where we talked about what we've done so far.

Do give us a vote of support if you like what we're doing on Steem.

Certainly going to adjust my witness votes to give gecko a vote!

I really like their site so far, created an account and gave it a favorite. E2470E8D62FC4F1288A28BB63EB2F960.png

Thank you very much for considering to vote for our witness campaign!

No problem! I’d like to add coin gecko to my signature, do you have something made for posters to use?

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I love coingecko, have voted for them as witness, have them on my ginabot, use their site exclusively, favorited STEEM over there, and enter coingecko awesome steem contests whenever they come up. @coingecko epitomizes the type of companies we need here actively blogging, so that we become the platform to find out all the good crypto news.

Thank you for that, your support means alot!

I already have them as a witness, keep growing as an upward trend! 💯📈📊

Up up we go!! Thank you for your vote! Hope its not too much of a stretch to ask you to sub to us too, we'll regularly run giveaways and we'd like you to stay informed for them cool bounties!😊

Coingecko is my go to for prices. Love their mascot.

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Aren't they cute animals to begin with!

Now I want one.

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I love Coin Gecko, I always check prices and charts there. The site has great SEO, it is always on the first places when I search crypto pairs.

I like that it also gives prices in MXN, my local currency. At the beginning of the year they had a great report featuring all the great things about Steem. And I'm voting for them with my 6 mvets.

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Your 6 Mvests are very valuable to us nonetheless, thank you for the vote!

Have you tried out the CoinGecko App on Android? Try them out here

I'm going to check it out, thank you. I didn't know you had an app!

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Favorited Steem on their site and just witness voted for @coingecko :) Thanks for the tip Dan. Btw I love geckos, there is a bunch of them living with us in our apartment here in Mexico, funny little guys haha :))

Thanks for shouting out our feature and supporting Steem on CoinGecko.com!

Feel free to try out the Sentiment bar as well.


Oh nice, I missed somehow that he is our witness. Great! Gonna check it out asap

Thank you for checking us out!

I have it as a favorite on my site, https://coin-Logic.com which I use the @coingecko data! Didn’t know they were a witness. Will have to give my vote for sure!

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was using them before they were officially on steem, just to check prices of stuff, not sure why i prefer them, maybe it was the name :D

Switched a while back. Solely from them being active on STEEM but then realizing that I liked the site and it worked really well.

I’ve added Steem to my favorite list on my CoinGecko mobile app for a long time now.

We love their work and their support for Steem.


Yes we call you Dan!

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I just favorited STEEM and signed up on @coingecko. I'm going to vote now. From the look of the website's interface, I think it's gonna give users an awesome experience!

I was still using cmc but with the info I just got its time for a switch up. Also checked their blog n read their latest witness related post and I gotta say they're kicking ass.



So yeah I favorited and vote for them as my witness. 😎

This is good advice. I would do that. I do not remember the last time I voted a witness. Proxy it!

That's for sure! I always use it!

Hi @theycallmedan,

I do not know if you know that @curatorhulk is not voting for people now and is at 100% power. I was looking at some of my posts today and noticed curatorhulk had stopped voting on them. So I looked further (to make sure this is not about me, lol).

Just bringing this to your attention on an older post, and thank you once again for all of your great support to me and other little people here. We all appreciate it.

i have Favorited it everywhere even on coinmarketcap

My witness

Coingecko is a realy good site and i use them since i use steem . They got my vote after i saw they joined steem as a witness!

I already voted them in as my witness

Since the day I used coingecko 3 months back, I never looked any other portal. I use website and app both and my experience is just wow. I also recommend everyone to use @coingecko in posts too. Its way better than CMC and I even use their tags to share the awareness. Here is my recent post sharing about coingecko. Thanks


I use their site quite often.

Thank you for using out site!

I heard already about CoinGecko. But didn't use it. After see interface them I had very interesting to make account. I voted witness @CoinGecko

thank you for voting our witness campaign, hope you give us a try! You can use our Website or our Android and Iphone App!

@coingecko is under-appreciated here. Everyone active on STEEM should be following them for their news and reports alone. They also offer contests from time to time!

Just voted for @Coingecko as witness

I have also favorited Steem on CoinGecko after a signup.

Thanks @Theycallmedan

@theycallmedan, Kindly find the below screenshot for your reference.

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Hey Dan! Thanks for the tip. I'm going to drop CMC and add the gecko to my favorites on my firefox browser. Voting for them for witness too right now. Keep up the great work!

From Guayaquil Ecuador -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

Well done again mate! Added Steem and SBD and faves , signed up and thrown the great gecko a witness vote.
Seriously fella, we need to talk. You're a newly wed. Haven't you got were 'better' things to be doing rather than messing about on here? Know what I'm saying lol;-)

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My wife loves Steem as much as me, it is our baby. :)

Didn't know you guys just tied the knot recently, congrats!

Voting for coingecko soon @theycallmedan :D

I already favorited Steem and SBD on Coingecko since I started using it. Voted for @coingecko as a witness as well.

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Voted for coingecko as a witness!

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Yes, I always check the price of steem in coingecko.

Thank you, do follow us and vote our witness on Steem!

I didn't know much about coingecko but I think I will love to know and join them with all my heart and support them.

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Definitely the best! I have not been back to CMC in months!

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I don't know if i added them as a witness (i hope i have) if not i can just add them later and i use coingecko telegram bot to check prices its easy to use not using most sites because no laptop 😅

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You can check prices using CoinGecko App as well! Android and Apple

Just downloaded the app slick and neat design i must say

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Awesome! Feel free to shoot us a 5 star on Google Play Store!

👍 and it shall be done

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Ok will download thanks

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Dear friend #theycallmedan
I know about "Coingecko" first. It is possible to get the benefit of the community in proper use. Which may have been an excellent instance of voting as a witness. Benefit the post. But in my opinion the use of curiosity would be the scale of acceptability. Thank you from Bangladesh .