What's your 2019 Resolution? Win 30 TOMO Tokens worth $10 Dollars!

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How was your 2018? Ours was great!

To usher in the new year, we would like to hear what's your resolution for 2019! Is It crypto-related? or has it been something you've been trying to do for a long time?

Be creative but truthful to yourself too!

Stand a chance to be among 10 winners to win 30 Tomo Tokens courtesy of yours truly. You can even use the tokens to Vote for our leading Masternode and earn more Tomo over time!

Special for Steemians, you can leave you resolutions here too!

Having it recorded permanently on the Steem Blockchain, we challenge you to leave in a comment below what is your New Year's resolution for 2019. Do you dare? 😏😏

Take up on our offer and we'll make sure to reward every Steemian right here in this post ON TOP of standing a higher chance of winning the prize draw! You heard it right, just copy and paste the secret code below to complete one of the task in the gleam campaign!


Join the gleam campaign here at :

@coingecko wishes the Steem Community an awesome year ahead! feel free to continue leaving your thoughts and feedback to us on how we can get more involved in the Steem Blockchain.

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CoinGecko is the best crypto analytics and ranking website out there. Best wishes of New Year to the entire team and Mr. Bobby Ong.

My crypto resolution for this year is learning more about blockchain and investing more time in educating myself in the crypto space. I would also like to volunteer more to spread the word about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies around me. Happy New Year Everybody!

I have the goal to continue improving in all aspects of my life personal and professional which I continue to leverage with engagement on the Steem blockchain. Thanks for continuing to challenge the community!

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Be a Dolphin in STEEM Blockchain!!! 🤪

Hi @coingecko! In 2019 i hope to continue participating in your contests, also I hope to increase my SP as much as it possible. Also I'm waiting my next buisiness trip in Germany, and of course I waiting some other changes for better in my life! Happy new year!

All the best in your business trip! and we wish you good luck to being the next Steem Dolphin/Orca/Whale!!!

Thank you @coingecko!

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I have only one resolution in this 2019 regarding crypto and that is HODL, i worry not of winters, bears or FUD, i never chase FOMO. Long happy new year to all of coingeckos team.

#HODL on!

My wish is easy, to be financial freedom amd travel always.

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I've never really done resolutions since i don't normally plan very far ahead. Anything that i do try to accomplish needs to be specific and measurable. No point in saying you want to lose weight unless you say that you want to lose 1 stone in two months and have a vision to get there. So I set a target for the next year.

My target is to hit 10k STEEM power. I'm sitting on 6k at the moment so it won't be easy. However I love the blockchain and i love what we have here so I am more than willing to put in the time and effort to increase my share on here. In years to come I think that everybody who put in the effort will be very glad that they did.

6k from scratch over 1 years 4 months is not that bad! it's much harder to go from 0 to 4k than 6k to 10k. You'll surely make it!

Thanks. I've put a lot of time into engaging with the community and getting involved with a few curation groups which has been a big help. I joined out of curiosity and to write which is my hobby but I have found so much more on here since. The longer you stay the more there is to love about it. Hopefully we can keep growing the blockchain through the year and have a lot more to enjoy.

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I don't have any resolution, just hope i don't make same mistakes that i made previous year.

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That's a good start. If goal-setting is not for you.. Perhaps you can try "Fear-Setting" instead.

Here's a Steem post we found that explains just that.

My Crypto Resolution of the 2019 :I just want all these 4 IKCC - Intelligent, Knowledge, Crypto, Coingecko..

Intelligent gives me ability to choose ! Knowledge Shows me a Way to Reach ! Crypto Gives Power to reach, and Here Coingecko Shows my Destination of the 2019! and I don't dare !

Happy new year to all !!

Aww! how nice of you to include CoinGecko!

Congrats Coingecko , you doing great works in 2018. I definitely like the way you go in bear market. Keep it toward

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Hi @coingecko,

I hope I'm not too late to send in my new year's resolution. But hey, better late than never. Since it will be recorded, so I made something else. Here is it!

And I made a post specifically for this contest. Check out my post here,
My 2019 Resolusteem

Special thanks to @bboyady and @awesomianist for pinging me this contest! You're awesome guys!


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Beautifully done picture! All the best in keeping the resolution throughout 2019!

Thanks @coingecko! The challenge is on!

To have 10 btc and 1000 SP in my steemit account by the end of 2019 so that I may use my sp to write and spread awareness about crypto and the BTC would make me financially stable.

10 BTC is a big goal! Do you know how much do you need to prepare to buy 10 BTC? Check it at CoinGecko.com!! Price of BTC

All the best!

In the past year, there was a lot to learn by steemit BlockChain and by the cryptocurrency market. To a large extent the train is running on the track. This blockchan has a lot to learn from the experience of so many big whale steemains . My resolution for 2019 is to step into the steemit blockchain with firmness and set up ourselves.
There is still a lot to learn about trading, because it is difficult to predict anything cryptocurrency market.
Thank you friend @coingecko
Have a good day.

it is a pity that dolphins and whales have ceased to notice fry. We can't get up without you.

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thanks, do give us a follow! We'll always give back to our fans. feel free to join the gleam contest too, maybe you can even win 30 TOMO for yourself!

My resolution is to know how to manage my time better, increase my creative output, and get my finances in check. Here's to a better 2019!

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I'm using Coingecko API service all the time and really appreciate their way of interacting with the community. Happy new year and all my best wishes!

Thank you! I'll let the team know your feedback! We're all about community on here!

I have no crypto-related resolution yet! In fact, I set no resolution this year but I do have a goal! And that is to post a blog post on Steemit every week!

All the best!

My 2019 crypto resolution is to write more online especially on Cent where I Earn eth for writing daily.
I want to climb to the top 3 out of the top 100 on the leaderboard.
I also want to earn enough eth to invest in a little diversity of altcoins to do more day trading!
I would love to win some great bounty and airdrop competition to help get me on my way to day trading crypto’s. I have never won anything yet!

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We're on Cent too! check us out at https://beta.cent.co/@coingecko

My resolution was to win a crypto contest and use my winnings to start day trading!

Great, i wish more cryptocurrency adoption in 2019. And for tomo will be the best masternode in this year's

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My main real crypto resolution for 2019 was to stay active on Cent and make it to the top 3 on the leaderboard.
Also I want to learn to make and make a non fungible that I have been thinking about for many months!

UPDATE i not only made it to #3 on the leaderboard on @cent I made it to #1
also i have been sketching and collaborated on a digital art piece that is ready to be turned into an nft.
I have been supporting some crypto artists and collected some great crypto art

Start my own business using my earned STEEMs as an investment.

all the best in acheiving that dream!

Thankyou coingecko . I always use this app for a long time . Success as always 🚀🚀😉

I hope that coingecko is never tired of continuing to develop krypto, I also hope that coingecko provides trade especially for new coins that might have potential, hopefully coingecko will be at the forefront, I like tomo I love coingeckokeep it up team

I can't see steem code? Where the steem code?

This one!