🚀🚀We're seeing some impressive gains today!!🚀🚀

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Quite a few top-20 coins are seeing double digit growth from the past 24 hours right now! Are we seeing a trading rally for these coins?


Chief of these is Litecoin, whose Founder Charlie Lee recently announced that they are working implementing Mimblewimble (You can read about MimbleWimble and Grin here.


EOS also saw a sudden jump to in the rally.


Another one that attracted our attention was Binance Coin, Which in the past month has been grabbing the headlines with the upcoming DEX, the philanthropy in Uganda and more.. Seeing that BNB was trading at only around $5 USD mere months ago, whoever bought the dip really will benefit with the rally.


One of the coin within the top 20 rank in CoinGecko.com also saw a some amazing boom. In case you need a primer, Ontology is working on Second Layer Blockchain Scaling Solutions tailored for businesses looking into intergrating Blockchain Tech into their operations.

Recently, Ontology announced that coders can now develop Ontology Smart Contracts on Cloud Computing Platforms such as Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud and Azure.


Seeing that Bitcoin recently broke the $4000 Barrier not long ago, are traders testing the ceiling again this time around?

Are you holding any of the cryptocurrency mentioned? do you plan to sell them?
Let us know in the Commments!


I haven't bought any of these coins... I passed on BNB because I didn't think there was enough to it, even though I have a Binance account... but the Ugandan angle is extremely smart and a great cause. Oh well, can't win them all...

Hindsight will always be 20/20. Oh well. :D

Good news. thanks for sharing update.

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Definitely optimistic greenery raising in cryptocurrency market.As Bitcoin shuffling over $4000
Besides it other coins are also moving ahead. Super exciting

Mimblewimble is interesting and has triggered the move on Litecoin!

EOS also in the dancing rallies! Etc

Thanks for the update @coingecko.

I’m celebrating my 4000+ rich comments on steemit, this is a milestone that I cherish so much and you made it possible! I could remember mentioning you on that blog post.

Please help me celebrate 🎉🎊


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Nice to see this and i hope it continues like this. Time for positive move in the crypto world

There does seem to be a lot more positivity around the market as a whole and signs that some of the larger corporations are taking an interest. Hopefully it should be a strong year.

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I have EOS and Litecoin and have had then throughout the bear market with the intent to hold them longer term as I think they have created strong projects and communities that will foster adoption which drives value.

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