🚀🚀Did STEEM just shot up by 20%? 🚀🚀

in coingecko •  11 months ago 


What's going on with Steem (STEEM)!?

It seems that out of the blue, the price of our favorite coin got bumped to a very pleasant-looking levels.

Looks like we've got another reason to #TGIF as the weekend approaches 🎉🍷


According to our data, as of now, Steem has increased 22.4% since the last 24 hours. With up to 50% of the trading volume occurring against the Korean Won in Upbit and Bithumb, Hands up to the Steem #kr community!.


What are your thoughts to the price surge? Comment below!

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Wow! Let's hope it stays that way and keep on shooting up! Go go Steem!

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It seems that out of the blue

Haha, I see what you did there. :D

Because everyone is playing Steem based games. So it is bound to generate some demand for Steem. :)

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That's an interesting hypothesis!

Yes. Only plausible hypothesis that I could think of. When Steem went up Bitcoin was still stable at 3500 mark and it later went to 4000. So definitely not bitcoin effect. Why games? Look at the whales playing on @magicdice, @drugwars, it is just amazing amount of Steem spent. So hence logically thinking. :)

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@drugwars is hands down one of the most underappreciated and underestimate blockchain based Gaming Dapp we have seen so far.

You may have spoken some truth in the hypothesis.

Price surges come and go. Chill, in a week or so we will know if it is sustainable or not.

It looks like I was right on the money with my previous purchases these past few months @coingecko 😁👍🏻

I'm hoping it stays up there for a while. A higher price tends to encourage more activity and that's what we need

Some TA analysis suggests it was because it crossed the 200 DMA which is a sign of strength and could be establishing a new trend higher!

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Not sure for certain but there have been a l lot of positive moves lately. There is a huge marketing campaign on twitter at the moment to spread awareness about steem to more people. We have more apps up and running. The recent listing on huobi has increased volume. Trading volume is 10x what it was a week ago. There was that new announcement about a steem backed exchange a few days ago. All of these thing add up and get people interested combined with traders seeing it go up and jumping in as well.

Hopefully it can last a while and help us to achieve a nice steady growth for a few weeks.

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Time to SELL SELL SELL! okay was a joke. Let's hope this price rise is fueled by fundematal sentiment and not just another pump by traders.

We'll see if there's suddenly a new whale on the platform.

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I actually bought some STEEM yesterday, hope it gets at least $0.5 before I sell again.

i bought also few days ago and i am planing to buy more and more just waiting for my money to arrive to my account😂 But i dont wanna sell it for sure. Maybe when it will be 8-10$😎

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Does anyone know why?

The question should rather be, why not - Steem is very much undervalued for the value it provides :P

We are human and always look forward in optimistic view.so we can hope that #steem may shot up by 20%
There are little bit smile on streemers faces seeing the granary of cryptocurrency market.
Since yesterday #steem price is around $0.400000
So everyone hoping that it can increase 20%.
Thank you

Just call it magic and accept it :).

I hope next level

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Hey thanks for the info, good news is always welcome, it looks like Korea is on a roll. It may be alt season as several of the altcoins have been pumping in recent days. It's hard to say which one will be the one at what moment.

let's see if it stays there...fingers crossed !!

Maybe it's the Huobi listing, maybe it's something else. Anyway, I don't want this to stop.

STEEM to the moon, boys and girls! :D

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Hell yeah it did :) Optomistic here!

I am seeing magic moving. Steem to the moon

I noticed this! Thanks to the wonderful people at coingecko. This is going to be a fantastic year

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Now getting up to $1 might no longer be a dream~

Why are you asking us? You're Coingecko for heavens sake lol ;-)

Just like you said...out of the blue :P

Hope we get more of that :))

STEEM can shoot 100% soon. Top 20 is a possibility.... 🤑📈🧨✨🚀🌝

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