CoinGecko is Officially on Utopian!

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As detailed in @utopian-io’s announcement earlier today, CoinGecko is proud to announce that we are now part of Utopian’s Very Important Project Owners (VIPO) club. We are excited to be collaborating with Utopian, the world’s first blockchain platform that rewards open-source contributions.

Our vision is to democratize access to cryptocurrency data. We believe in greater transparency and increasing information accessibility in the blockchain space. To make it easy for anyone to get started with cryptocurrency projects, we have released a free-to-use API.

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At CoinGecko, we currently collect data from more than 230 cryptocurrency exchanges. Every day, we receive requests to add new exchanges into our data aggregator on a daily basis. To ease that process, we have built an internal Ruby library called Cryptoexchange which enables us to connect to the many cryptocurrency exchanges using a single interface. While that has benefited us in terms of running our service, we have decided to take the idea of openness and transparency one step further by open-sourcing our library. This allows anyone to easily access public data from different exchanges in a unified way.

While the library codebase is stable and open to use, there are always features to add and bugs to fix. We have been relying on volunteers from around the world along with our in-house developers to contribute to the project via Github. When we stumbled upon @utopian-io and understood their mission, we were fascinated at how we could utilize the token economy to sustain our ongoing open-source project.

We will be posting more information on our tasks requests very soon and we look forward to working with @utopian-io and engaging further with the volunteers.


It's our pleasure to have such relevant initiative in our VIPO. We'll make sure to support CoinGecko in all the necessary steps to bring contributors, engagement and exposure to this awesome project, on Utopian and beyond.

A warm welcome on behalf of everyone in Utopian!

Awesome to have such a relevant project in the space here!

I’ve been too busy tending to my new little guy to notice your all’s arrival but I’m glad you’re here.

I hope this place changes your company/project positively as it has changed my life.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better place.

I wish you luck and great success.

Not too long ago you were welcomed as Steemians. Now, welcome to Utopian's Open Source VIPO!

Thanks for reaching out to Utopian. Really glad to see this partnership and opening up CoinGecko to the many contributors at Utopian.

I'm still learning Python and dabbled a little bit on Ruby. Doesn't hurt to refresh on Ruby. I hope to one day contribute to your GitHub task requests and bug hunting.

And lastly, thank you for the free-to-use API. It is very much appreciated.

Free free to use our API and would love to see what projects you end up making with it! It's a great way to learn programming :)

We are all so glad you are here. We need collaborations with great teams like you have. Hopefully all the accounts on steemit will recognize the significance of this event, start using your services and check out Utopian.
I wonder if you guys will consider becoming an exchange. We need many more exchanges to bring the exchange prices down and quality of services up.

Edit: Gecko coin could be your SMT That could fund you for a while.

We have no plans to be an exchange for the time being and want to focus on providing good data.

Can I seed this idea?

A creation of a centralized exchange with STEEM and SBD as the common trading pairs can be a massive source of revenue. Competition won't be an issue as there would be a huge flood of support from users here that would use the exchange. This is especially so since most other exchanges fail to keep their STEEM wallets functioning for weeks or months at a time. Most major exchanges have created their own coin to be a common trading pair. It takes a significant amount of time for that coin to catch on. If a centralized exchange is created that puts STEEM and SBD as common trading pairs, there will be no waiting time for the currency to gain popularity.

The STEEM and SBD trading pairs with everything else is a massive untapped market that would generate a flood of users. Both for STEEM and the new Exchange. Compared to other new exchanges with respect to competition, a STEEM supported exchange will be the easiest and quickest way an exchange can gain legs.

If you ever consider opening an exchange, please consider STEEM and SBD as common trading pairs to everything else.

a Exchange on / with Steem is a really good idea. Maybe with SBD as the Dollar pair.

I have followed @coingecko since its inception (i.e. I am involved to cryptos since 2013). I used to love its coin evaluation based on fundamentals rather than the marketcap.

It is nice to see @coingecko finally in Steemit.

However, it is sad to see #steem scoring 45% in community. In fact, STEEM is perhaps the most social or community coin out there if not other than BTC. Steemit in fact outranked, the de-facto social media presence, couple of times.

It would be great if @coingecko factor into 1.2M strong STEEM community in its community score.

Also, can't wait to see a @coingecko SMT token in near future :)

Very nice, this is a great cooperation!

Coingecko is always good than other sites.
Where it will show all details including ATH in one single page.
Good post.

Coingecko is my go-to website for collecting all crypto related information.


@coingecko and @utopian-io FTW! 🙌🏻

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