Coinbase Commerce - Check-Out With Crypto

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Coinbase the Buggest broker/Exchange launched a new platform for Merchants called Coinbase Commerce. A button similar to PayPal at check-out...

Not like it used to be, where customers needed a Coinbase account to pay. Now just use any wallet to pay with up to 4 different Cryptocurrencies... No need to login with coinbase to purchase. . .

Ethereum, bitcoin or bcash and even Litecoin. Ethereum being first isnt a surprise coming from coinbase... They have been known to favor the currency.

At checkout out you can pay either by copy paste or scanning a qr address. This is almost as bad as having to dig out your wallet but not as bad as entering all the card info... Similar to

But, with metamask browser wallet plug-in, which has over 1M downloads, a Decentralized Ethereum client... Its as easy as one-click purchasing. Just simply click confirm on the metamask pop-up and thats it. ETH only here...

To top up funds you can send eth from another wallet to your metamask wallet, or you can use shapeshift to convert other Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin into Ethereum or you can even add funds via coinbase directly from within metamask.

The cash out process is still unknown but probably very similar if not identical to the selling of Crypto on their platform, a 1% fee up to the first $1M.

Bitpay is still the largest pos system for business accepting Crypto but even with 100,000 users they are slacking on the bcash integration and coinbase with only 50k users Currently accepts bitcoin and bcash as well as Ethereum and litecoin to top it off...

This is how walmart will accept Crypto. Odds are they wont hodl the coin but convert it into fiat soon as possible...

This could have both a positive and negative effect on Cryptocurrencies... Its the start of acceptance, but without holding the coins and using them for b2b transactions, the swing in price could be very volatile to say the least...

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I don't think people realize how huge this is going to be. The market prices definitely do not reflect this news. Having a giant company like Coinbase doing point of sale systems will make a lot more merchants comfortable with accepting crypto. I hadn't thought about the possibility of this allowing giant stores to sell crypto in large batches causing prices to fall. It will be interesting to see if that is the case or if they hodl and make even more money by doing so.

Credit Card Companies: Can no longer buy crypto (instant gone)
Coinbase: You can now purchase instantly with just your bank account
Coinbase2: Oh and now you can use it just like paypal :)

The future will be a group of crypto billionaires and millionaires coming together to build the first ever crypto Bank to compete with the bankers rushing to do everything to block bitcoin :)

See you guys at $1 trillion!

More competition equals improvements in quality over time and an incentive to innovate. It is amazing to see the developments that have taken place for nearly a year since I started paying full attention to this space.

I'm looking forward for what's to come just as much as you are Kenn. Great to see you again. Hope you are well!

Yeah this is big news for sure even the little guys doing e commerce will be able to use this tool

An amazing job

This is very exciting. Wonder how soon amazon will add coinbase checkout?

I’m really excited bitpay is having finally competition. It great info for me since I’m coinbase costumer. I think coinbase is on to something.
Great video! Great info I didn’t know about.

It was a great information in your video. thank you so much for share.

Thank u so much for share this important Coinbase Commerce Check out With Crypto, It will be helpfull for crypto socity