Coinbase Exceeds 2017 Revenue Goal By 66%

in coinbase •  last year 

When Coinbase already has more members than Charles Schwab, you know crypto is the future.

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Coinbase makes it very easy to interact with crypto. It is a portal to BTC.Sincerely this is how I start using BTC.
GDAX is the best, less to no fees, but it is not user friendly and if you are true to crypto, you need to know how to move around GDAX.
If you have an account in Coinbase, you automatically have an account with GDAX.
Keep on steemin'

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This bodes really well for the future. As soon as they have uplifted staff and cleared outstanding tickets etc things will be great. Then when the current price trend reversed there will be a lot more new buyers already with accounts and able to buy!

Coinbase is planning to sell to a bigger company when they hit 50 million customers...they mentioned this in their plan in one of the early bitcoin documentaries. I believe it was called "The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin"

Yes, I buy Steem thru Coinbase.

This is great. As more and more people accept crypto, I am sure the base will increase even more.

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Wow talk about growth and adoption rate! upvoted, resteemed, and commented

Still gotta give them a copy of my ID.


Cryptocurrency is headed in a direction that was unintended.
The way I see it the government has no right taxing anything other than it's own Fiat garbage currency.


I know =/ What can be done?

amazing , blockchain here to stay

coinbase safe like

Great article! For anyone with a coinbase account or interested in investing with coinbase, check out my article on how I created an automated dashboard in Excel to track my coinbase investments here

LOVE to hear this news. Everyone upvote- it's a January miracle :)

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Coinbase it's a great Exchange.
My first and I really love Coinbase


37 bitcoin olive leaves.jpgYeah, well back in my day...
we didn't have no fancy "CoinBase"
That connected and traced your transactions with your bank accounts.
CryptoCurrency was about ENDING fiat currency and government's stranglehold on currency!
Now crypto exchanges are just snitches to government to enslave crypto and it's users.
I say, resist! Get an exchange that doesn't report to this country or it's unconstitutional tax system or any other for that matter!
Buy Bitcoin in another country, especially one without taxation.
Those countries will become world powers overnight!

You have to love that . Great news !!

Coinbase has board members from Facebook and several important venture capital firms in Silicon Valley - they are a huge force to be reckoned with and we all know that in SV, it is all about who you know, who you can pitch, and who is telling your story. Don't be surprised to see Coinbase become one of the biggest players in American tech over the next couple of years.

Doing it bro.

been a die hard supporter of coinbase - but they can't handle the customer demand at this point. they need to hire more customer support with all this money they made. if bitcoin is going to be taken seriously, and coinbase as the biggest bitcoin company, they need to be able to respond to customer who have thousands of dollars or more in limbo @dollarvigilante

This is exactly why the governments will not ban cryptos. There's way too much money in it. They's be shooting themselves in the foot missing out on all that tax revenue.

good post

I like it ;)

Nice post...

That is great information, thanks for sharing!! I just finished a post talking about cryptocurrencies that might be of interest to you. Check it out if you get the opportunity.

Coinbase is perhaps the easiest exchange to use today, however, it doesn't offer a lot of selections comparing to Binance or Cryptopia. Its tech support is really so so.

I was listening to a youtube show and they claimed coinbase made 1 billion in revenue from 2017 alone. Think it was Coinmastery. That is amazing if true.

I only wish we all could have purchased a piece of coinbase when signing up originally.

Wonder how a company, that is so bad at what they do, make such profits...

Coinbase might be the top exchange in the USA, but I don't know how long they will keep their position. I'm hoping a up and rising decentralized exchange will take its place soon!

Would have been even more if they weren't offline so much. Or would it...

Sure, with the fees they are demanding its no wonder.
if banks took 3euro everytime you made some kind of transaction, they would also gain massive revenue.

That shit is crazy! I am still never giving them my ID! :D

thanks for valuable post.. dear
i appricate with you.
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that's pretty crazy considering they have such a lame service. i guess it pays off to be a gatekeeper.

I hope the clowns at the stock exchange understand we know we are getting
ripped off. that's thy so many are on coinbase

I miss the old style videos with Jeff in them!

@dollarvigilante Easy for them when they are ripping customers off left and right and don't provide any customer support. They over charged me by <200% on the Bitcoin Cash launch, then shut down trading. I'd say this space needs a dose of ethics still. We need competition now!

i miss you steemit friends my account follow me @abdulmanna

Yes, I buy Steem thru Coinbase.
It has board members from Facebook and several important venture capital firms, they are a huge force to be reckoned with in SV. I am hoping one day to see Coinbase become one of the biggest players in American tech.
Thank you.

not really surprising considering how high their fees are.

They need some competition because they are not that good.

A) Imagine how much more they'll be making when they add more coins

B) Imagine how much more they'll be worth once they go public on the NASDAQ or NYSE

coinbase is tha PO lees