Coinbase suppressing XRP

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An apparent Ripple insider, barableguy123 /u/bearableguy123 seems to point to: Coinbase suppressing the price of XRP. Here's one post on the day decided to exclude Korean cryptocurrency prices from their global market averages--artificially halting XRP's rapid price surge.

The king here most likely is Coinbase. Soldiers refers to representatives of other crypto currencies.

When XRP moons, the founders of Ripple become billionaires; conceivably, Bitcoin community would like to maintain status quo--keep Bitcoin the dominant crypto. Perhaps we could assume 3 things:

  1. XRP price would be suppressed until Bitcoin is well above $20K
  2. Powerful people in the crypto sub-culture manipulate assets to benefit themselves.
  3. XRP price surge can't be contained for long--a huge opportunity for small investors to make x10 or x20 atleast !

The manipulators (?) : From Bloomberg, 1,000 People Who Own 40 Percent of the Bitcoin Market

The Showdown : Ripple vs Coinbase

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