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Hello everyone, thanks for coming back and following my posts. In this article I will introduce you to a new project, which is Elisia project.

 What is Elisia?

 Elisia is the most exciting development in the blockchain world. Elisa provides lightning fast transactions with no fee. Each Elisia transaction will reach its destination in lightning speed without any fee to sender or receiver! Decentralized Applications (DAPPS) can be created with ease and deployed on the Elisia network with a click of a button without any fee for deployment. 

 Elisia blockchain is a proof of ownership chain (DPOS) which is delegated with a side chain consisting of various algorithms such as proof of peg (POS), proof of work (POW), proof of delegated ownership (DPOS), etc. ELISIA has a decentralized application, there is a unique button in the application to run the FREE sending / receiving feature. Applications that will be distributed on the Elisia network will provide excellent comfort and security 

Features of Elisia

- Speed: In fact, there are now many platforms that offer very high transaction speed, but they take advantage of this transaction speed feature by paying shipping costs! You need a quick transaction, but is it free? Elisia is the right choice!

- Free: No fees to use this platform! This is not the case with other projects that rely solely on fast trading, but still get revenue from trading features! Elisia Free 100%

- DAPPS  : You do not need much knowledge to create DAPPS, just use the simplest skills to do it

Elisia Blockchain Technology:

DPOS System Architecture:

Elisia will launch its main net with 51 block producers authorized to process the transactions. For consensus building the block producers are elected into a round of 51, each producer gets one block per round, and is rewarded for the validation of incoming transactions and production of the block of transactions. A block released by one producer is validated by the next and the next and so forth; if not validated, it is not built upon. A block that is accepted by a quorum of producers is declared immutable, and the chain of immutable blocks becomes in effect a checkpoint. Like proof of work, producers can censor (ignore) messages, or they can front-run by introducing their own from their superior knowledge of the future. 


Elisia Guaranteed from the threat of quantum computing because Elisia uses DPOS, But Elisia also does not guarantee computational threats to protect Elisia's main chain. The presence of a chain has little chance of damaging the main chain.

But this Sidechain network adopted protocols such as.

Proof Of Stake

Proof Of Work


Token Sale Detail:

ICO Start Date: November 30th 6am GMT

Soft Cap: 5000ETH

Hard Cap: 50000ETH

Token Price: 0.0001ETH

TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 ELSA 

This is a very potential project and I have had a thorough research on it. I hope my reviews will bring more information to you. Thank you for reading





Whitepaper :

Author: vietduc33

Bitcoinalk Link:;u=1893342


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